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His Life and Discoveries: A Novel Based on the Life of Christopher Columbus

By Mario Di Giovanni

Discovering a new continent, he changed the map of the earth and the course of civilization…

Few men in history have changed the world as Christopher Columbus did when he sailed into the perilous and vast Atlantic Ocean. While seeking the island of Cipango and the mainland of Cathay, Columbus discovered so much more, changing the course of American history.   

Through extraordinary persistence and courage, Columbus discovered a new world, a continent that would ultimately change the lives of many.  

Despite the renowned link to his name, Columbus remains an elusive and mysterious man. Dr. Mario Di Giovanni, with passionate and clear words, reveals the story of Christopher Columbus. Following his Admiral on four voyages across the Ocean Sea, Giovanni marks the events that the recount the exploits and legacy of the best sailor in the world.


About the author

Dr. Mario Di Giovanni was born in 1911, in a small town near Avellino, Italy. He migrated to the United States with his family when he was 10.

After high school, Di Giovanni earned a B.A. in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in science from New York University. He was a college professor and researcher, including biomedical research related to the human heart. His efforts contributed to the development of the first artificial heart. In all, he filed and obtained more than thirty patents.

In addition to his work, Di Giovanni had a lifelong love and admiration for the legendary feats of the great Genoese navigator, Christopher Columbus. He had been collecting material about Columbus for some years, but it wasn’t until he suffered a heart attack in 1980 that Di Giovanni began in earnest to write his book on the famous navigator. Unfortunately, he died in 1986, before the book was completed.

But thanks to the initiative of Columbus Explorers, Inc., the book was completed. It was a particularly fitting tribute to Columbus because it was the 500th anniversary of his discovery. The book is also a deserved memorial to Di Giovanni. The Mentoris Project is proud to re-release Christopher Columbus: His Life and Discoveries as a paperback and ebook.