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The Newest Mentoris Book Is A Practical Playbook for Achieving Real Wealth Available Now In Print Or For Kindle Or Computer!

Top SECrets TO How you can build real wealth From robert barbera who went from shoeshine boy to real estate magnate.

A guide to financial decision-making that blends pragmatism and idealism.
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Inside Of This Book Here Are Some Of The Secrets To Building Wealth that You Will Be Given…

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The Mindset of Wealth

Money is not wealth. Money is one tool to help build a life of wealth, but it’s not important for its own sake, only for what it can do for you.

You are capable of creating value that others will pay you for. If a six-year-old can make money as an entrepreneur, you certainly can.

Have a Big Vision. Leverage your current goal to leapfrog to your next goal.


Go out and meet people. Make acquaintances in all walks of life. Everyone has something to offer.

Network within your own industry. Sharing information, resources, and advice is a critical component of building wealth.

Look for the people who need you and your business. Make friends with people who might become clients.

Clarifying Your Vision

Know what your goal is. Hint: It’s not a number in the bank. It’s what that number will make possible in your life.

Acknowledge both your strengths and your weaknesses. Remember that a weakness isn’t permanent; you can get better at math, meet new people, understand your industry.


Create your own path to success. Map foundational skills onto your particular situation and see what you still need to learn. At a bare minimum, you will need to be able to read a contract, understand the numbers, develop relationships, negotiate so that everyone wins, and leverage your strengths.

Family Development

Your spouse is your partner in work and in life. Make sure they share your vision for the future before you tie the knot.

Negotiations are always about looking for the shared goal and making sure everyone wins. Nowhere is this more important than in your own family.

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Wealth isn’t about money. All my adult life, people have asked me, “Robert, how did you make money? How did you become wealthy?” And while I want to share that with them—and with you—I also want you to understand that those are two different questions. Yes, of course, money can help you to create wealth. But wealth is far more than a number on your bank statement. So if wealth isn’t about money, what exactly is it?
Wealth is independence.
Real wealth is the ability to live your life on your own terms. It’s the freedom to switch careers, spend time with your family, improve your community, and make a difference in the world. Building Wealth will help you not only to reach your own financial goals, but also to attain this level of wealth.
— Robert Barbera

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This book is for you if…

You want to make money, achieve financial freedom, and leave a legacy for your family and the world.


You will learn…

How a boy entrepreneur grew up to influence higher learning institutions, non-profits, cultural institutes and government organizations, and made real estate the corner stone of his success.


Get the secrets…

That others are already using to achieve real wealth and be free.

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Learn More About Robert Barbera

I want to share my secrets…

to transforming your life through money, real estate investments, diversification, power earning, mastery, relationships, family and more.

What I believe—and what I hope to show you in this book—is how real wealth is attainable at any stage of your life. Over the years, we change, circumstances shift, new opportunities continually present themselves. We may need to shore up some foundational elements we thought were taken care of. But we may also find ourselves at any time poised for the next big cycle of wealth.

The principles are here for you. Start where you are.

Enjoy the journey.

Robert Barbera

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