October 13, 2018: 8 p.m.


November 28, 2018: 7 p.m.


Join us for an evening with Mentoris Project authors Peg Lamphier (Soldier, Diplomat, Archaeologist: A Novel Based on the Life of Louis Palma di Cesnola) and Rosanne Welch (America’s Forgotten Founding Father: Filippo Mazzei) as they discuss these famous Italians and sign books. Free to the public. Get more details.

The Mentoris Project is a series of novels and biographies about the lives of great Italians and Italian-Americans, men and women who have changed history through their contributions as scientists, inventors, explorers, thinkers, and creators. The Barbera Foundation sponsors this series in the hope that, like a mentor, each book will inspire the reader to discover how she or he can make a positive contribution to society: To finish any of these books saying, “I can do something great, too.” 

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What would it be like to meet the man who inspired Thomas Jefferson? Or hike through New Mexico's mountains with Enrico Fermi? Our biographies and novels take you on great adventures. 

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Meet the authors of the Mentoris Project book series. Through these engaging conversations, you'll learn about a variety of famous Italian and Italian American artists, adventurers, explorers, educators, and philosophers.   

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The Barbera Foundation’s mission is to encourage and inspire young people to create a stronger future by supporting educational initiatives that foster an appreciation of history and culture. 

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